Futuristica is here!

futuristica cover (533x800)Like science fiction? This is a cool new anthology that I am honored to be a part of. My story, “Murder on the Hohmann” was a blast to write, and I am so delighted it’s part of the lineup.

Here’s the skinny from publishers Metasagas:



More News

In other news, I have been merrily writing and plotting and writing and plotting. Book 2 of the Tales of Port Saint Frey is with Agent Goloboy of Red Sofa, and I have found my way in to Book 3. As a dyed-in-the-wool pantser, it’s the only way I can do it. Outlining wastes time at the beginning; pantsing often causes wrong turns and dead ends, but I’d rather have the delays in the middle than at the beginning. I feel like outlining just makes me spin my wheels when I’d rather just dive in.

I just now finished — like a half hour ago — a new novella that I’m very happy with. It’s science fiction, it’s related to Murder on the Hohmann, and I’m all aglow with the feeling of creation and inspiration.

Upcoming Conventions

My next convention is at ArmadilloCon and I will be one of the teachers for the writers workshop. This is one of the top one-day writers workshops for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and speculative writers. If you write and are coming to the convention, you should seriously check it out.

ArmadilloCon Writers Workshop

ArmadilloCon Writers Workshop, run by Marshall Ryan Maresca. The deadline is coming up: June 15, so hurry and get your story or chapter in.

By the way, Marshall is an alumnus of the workshop, and his books, beginning with The Thorn of Dentonhill, are fast-paced, intricate fantasy, that are fun and action-packed. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Other alumni include myself and Campbell Award nominee Stina Leicht. The workshop was ably run for many years by Wendy Wheeler and Jennifer Evans of long-time Austin writers group The Slug Tribe, and they turned it over to me, and then I handed it over to Stina, who in turn passed the baton to Marshall. I sold the first story I ever workshopped through the Armadillocon Writers Workshop to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. This workshop works, people.


Catching up: Eating Authors, SXSW, other news

Lawrence Schoen, novelist, anthologist, short story writer, and Klingon speaker, has a feature in which he has authors describe their most memorable meal.

LMS: Welcome, Patrice. Please tell me about your most memorable meal.

PS: There have been a handful of meals in my life that have been the best food I’ve ever eaten, and all of them could have been the “right” answer to your question. Sure, the meal at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago was fabulous, every bite a revelation in gastronomy. I have never eaten such elegantly prepared, gorgeously presented, originally conceived food in my life. Read more.

After a lovely chat in New York with Agent Goloboy, I am excited about my new series going out on submission. I am in good hands. And this is going to be an exciting year. And I just know good things are in store.

My article, Writing and the Day Job, came out in the SFWA Bulletin in February. My short story, Murder on the Hohmann, comes out in Futuristica Vol. I in June. I hope to have more story news later this year.
Gfire SXSW 2016

And just to keep up my cool, slick persona, which you all know and envy, here is a photo from SXSW: rocker Gfire. She set up a singer-songwriter lineup of women who rock and it included performers from Austin, Ireland, and France. Gfire is my voice instructor and my inspiration. And she is one of the hardest-working musicians I know and braver than anything. After all, she is trying to teach me how to sing.

Looking forward to 2016

After a pretty decent 2015, stirring things are in the air for 2016. Lots to look forward to, to keep up the momentum. Here’s where I’ve been:

The astronaut on the cover is the main character in my story, Murder on the Hohmann.
The astronaut on the cover is the main character in my story, Murder on the Hohmann.
  • In 2015 I sold one short story “Murder on the Hohman,” forthcoming in the anthology Futuristica)
  • I sold a nonfiction article for the SFWA Bulletin, forthcoming in February, on writing with a day job
  • I wrote The End on one novel and finished revisions on another one (inasmuch as revisions are ever really finished)
  • I wrote four short stories, two of which are out on submission, one sold, and one is waiting to get critiqued by my writers group
  • I wrote spec chapters for an epic fantasy that I will not abandon  — it’s on suspended animation for now
  • I am in process of writing a science fiction screenplay for an idea I’ve been noodling around with for a while — also in suspended animation but not abandoned
  • I signed with Agent Jennie of Red Sofa Literary

Here’s where I’m going:

  • I plan to finish revisions on Book 1 of the Tales of Port Saint Frey and send to my agent (mid-January)
  • I plan to start revisions on Book 2 of the Tales of Port Saint Frey and send to my agent (Feb-March)
  • I plan to start Book 3 of the Tales of Port Saint Frey and finish by November or December
  • I plan to unsuspend the pending works and make headway on those as well
  • And I plan to write the short stories that make themselves known to me as wanting to be written.

So it’s a big year ahead. And it’s not just writing. I’ve started taking voice lessons and I’m thinking of adding piano lessons to that. I’m going to get back into the saddle in 2016 as well; I am ready to challenge myself again and be a rider (though I’m going to be reasonable about it.) I’m going to watch movies and hear music and be with my friends and work hard at the day job and the writing job, and try as much as possible to be happy.

There. Resolutions unlocked. Let’s do 2016.