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13 April 2014 ~ 7 Comments

Glorious Texas day

You ever have one of those days where you do all of the things? Today was that day. First I went on a trail ride in the woods with friends at the stable where Gus the horse is kept. We meandered around and came out in one field and saw a feral hog, which hightailed […]

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15 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Star Fire Adventure Camp (for grownups)

I went to summer camp last weekend. Sort of. Star Fire Adventure Camp for grownups is a new venture that my friend Wendy and several of her friends have just started. They had a run-through of their Paleolithic Camp and I was invited to play. I think they are onto something. With the interest in […]

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07 March 2014 ~ 7 Comments

The myth of the writing community

One of the most dangerous beliefs of genre writers is that there is an overarching writing community that speaks for all writers. This is such a harmful myth that I think it has derailed careers and silenced talent. And the worst thing is, many writers accept the myth without realizing how much harm they are […]

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