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06 November 2015 ~ 2 Comments

October roundup

I tend not to post when my life is fraught. This is against the general tendency of the confessional blogger, so yeah, I can understand why I really don’t have a huge readership, but I’d rather not exploit my own nature, you know? But radio silence can become so overwhelming that it’s hard to break […]

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01 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

New Year’s Day Resolutions

Say YES. Do what scares me. Don’t give NO any power. Work hard. Challenge myself. Get involved. Take joy. Remember all the birthdays. This morning in 37 degree rainy weather I took the plunge into Barton Springs. It was a literal and figurative leap. Here’s what I discovered: even 68-degree water feels cold in the […]

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06 November 2014 ~ 0 Comments

On Point Interview — NaNoWriMo

I was interviewed along with Lev Grossman (The Magicians) and Chris Baty (NaNoWriMo founder and a very persuasive advocate for the event) about the pros and cons of NaNoWriMo. You can hear my point of view at about halfway, right after the second break in the show. Do You NaNoWriMo? Spoiler alert: I was the […]

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