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09 August 2014 ~ 4 Comments

Drafted in the Amazon-Hachette war

I’ve been drafted in the Amazon-Hachette war. But I’ve decided to be a conscientious objector to Amazon’s attempts to put me on the front lines. Here is my response to the Amazon [this link goes to the company's Investor Relations page] letter that arrived in my in-box: Dear Kindle Support team, In a word: No. […]

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04 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Tag! The writing process blog tour

I was tagged by Jessica Reisman for the Writing Process blog tour. So here’s about me and my process. What Am I Working On? Having finished Book 1 of the proposed new series (working title Bandit Girls), I’m currently writing Book 2. This doesn’t have a working title yet, at least not one that has […]

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18 July 2014 ~ 9 Comments

Jane Eyre, the first Mary Sue

Jane Eyre Mary Sue

A discussion on Facebook with Sarah Zettel about Victorian literature led to a discussion of Jane Eyre, and I was reminded once again how the iconic character is the very first Mary Sue. This much-maligned cliche, usually found in fanfiction, is the name for the process by which the author puts herself in a story […]

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