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06 November 2015 ~ 2 Comments

October roundup

I tend not to post when my life is fraught. This is against the general tendency of the confessional blogger, so yeah, I can understand why I really don’t have a huge readership, but I’d rather not exploit my own nature, you know? But radio silence can become so overwhelming that it’s hard to break […]

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21 August 2015 ~ 3 Comments

“The Martian” is coming

Have you read The Martian yet? Have you? Have you seen the trailers, both the first one and the funny one? Aren’t they awesome? Won’t this be fun? Can we stand it, that we have to wait? How much longer? Is it now? Now? I really loved this book. First heard about it at the […]

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20 July 2015 ~ 2 Comments

On “Go Set a Watchman”

Of all the mysteries surrounding Harper Lee’s second novel, the question of whether it’s a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird is the one I was the most curious about. We won’t ever know if Harper Lee is a mentally and physically frail old lady who was duped into publishing a second novel for the […]

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