The Crow God’s Girl

“Patrice Sarath’s intriguing tales of travel between our world and an epic fantasy realm offer engaging characters and convincing villains on both sides. Her writing challenges readers and characters alike with hard choices and harsher realities amid stories rich with the mystery and drama that we love. Highly recommended.” –Juliet McKenna, The Tales of Einarinn

Patrice Sarath’s new book follows a young 21st-century heroine as she navigates the perils of an alternate world, a feudal society that’s home to the man she loves. But political treachery and personal betrayal force her to fight for a new life, forge surprising alliances, and redefine her very concept of home. Fast-paced, full of unexpected plot twists, and rich with detail, The Crow God’s Girl is an exciting and absorbing read.” –Sharon Shinn, best-selling author of the Twelve Houses Series

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unexpected-miss-bennetThe Unexpected Miss Bennet


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ONE OF 2011’s TOP 10 JANE AUSTEN SEQUELS, from AustenProse

“The Unexpected Miss Bennet is a delightful continuation of Pride and Prejudice.” —5 Minutes for Books


Who will give consequence to a young lady slighted by other men? Poor Mary Bennet. Her elder sisters are beautiful and kind, or full of fire and spirit. Her younger sisters, both very silly, are popular wherever they go. Mary likes to read books, play music, and investigate the human experience. Everyone believes her destined to die an unloved spinster. After all, isn’t that what happens to girls not handsome enough to tempt suitors? Then the opportunity presents itself for her to embark on a new life, where she can begin to grow new friendships, realize her own strengths … and discover just how much a woman of understanding and fortitude can shine in the eyes of good man. MORE >>

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Gordath Wood Ace Fantasy BookGordath Wood

Something strange is happening in Gordath Wood, the old woods surrounding a training stable called Hunter’s Chase. The police think Lynn Romano and Kate Mossland have been murdered, but what actually occurred is much stranger. They’ve gone through a hole between worlds, into a medieval society at war. In a world that doesn’t ordinarily have use for women, the danger is great–good thing Lynn and Kate aren’t your ordinary women. MORE >>




Ace fantasy book Red Gold BridgeRed Gold Bridge

In the heart of the gordath, danger is waiting… A year ago, Lynn Romano and Kate Mossland stumbled through the gordath, a portal between our world and the war-torn society called Aeritan. Now, a powerful Aeritan general has crossed through to Earth, and his obsession with Kate could tear both worlds apart. MORE >>





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