“Patrice Sarath’s intriguing tales of travel between our world and an epic fantasy realm offer engaging characters and convincing villains on both sides…. Highly recommended.” –Juliet McKenna, The Tales of Einarinn


The Tales of Port Saint Frey
Book 1: Coming in Spring 2018

"A strong first novel, some very real horsemanship, and utterly convincing warcraft."
--Toby Bishop

"Red Gold Bridge tells of a portal between our world and another, where two girls journey and return after paying a price - with a young man in tow. Colar doesn't fit in on Earth - and war threatens to embroil both universes."  FIVE STARS -- Midwest Book Review

"Fast-paced, full of unexpected plot twists, and rich with detail, The Crow God's Girl is an exciting and absorbing read." -- Sharon Shinn

“The Unexpected Miss Bennet is a delightful continuation of Pride and Prejudice.” -- 5 Minutes for Books
"Favorite Pride & Prejudice Sequel" -- Austenesque Reviews



FollyCon Wrapup

I’ve had the opportunity to go to two Eastercons now. It’s been such a pleasure to participate in conventions outside of the US. I am fortunate to live in Texas, where there are some of Read more…


FollyCon Day 1

Registration. A turn around the art show and the dealer room. And then serious barcon for a while, meeting fellow authors and friends, two of whom are also agented by Agent Jennie Goloboy of Don Read more…